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FC Barcelona is a professional football club from Barcelona, ​​Catalonia. The club is one of the largest globally, and with 95 trophies, it is the most successful football club in the world. The club colours are purple-blue, and the FC Barcelona stadium is Camp Nou. Here, you will find all relevant websites worldwide that are available relating to FC Barcelona, the football club!

FC-Barcelona - Força Barça!

FC Barcelona was founded in 1899 on the initiative of Hans Gamper. This Swiss is also the founder of FC Zurich and wanted to start a football club again after moving to the Catalan capital. Fortunately, eleven players showed up at his office after a newspaper advertisement, and Foot-Ball Club Barcelona was born. Hans later changed his name to Joan Gamper and would-be director of the club for 25 years spread over various periods, and among other things take care of the first stadium of FC Barcelona. Barça quickly became successful in the Campionat de Catalunya and also did well in the Copa del Rey. Before creating La Liga, FC Barcelona became champion of Catalonia seventeen times, and they won the cup eight times. Of course, Barcelona was also immediately admitted to La Liga. Along with Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao, Barca is the only club that has never been relegated and thus has competed in La Liga all seasons. Barcelona also became the very first national champion in this highest Spanish league in 1928-29.

FC Barcelona flourished in the 1940s and 1950s and continues into the 1980s.

The Spanish Civil War had significant consequences for FC Barcelona. Since Catalonia's fierce resistance against the later dictator Franco turned out to be the losing party, the club almost went under. Many players and employees of the club died in the war or sought refuge in South America, among other places. Of the more than 30,000 paying members, about 10% remained after the war. Despite this, Barcelona managed to climb again. In 1944-45 they became national champions for the second time and up to and including 1960. The club also won the Copa six times and various other smaller tournaments at home and abroad. Coincidence or not: after the death of dictator Franco, things quickly improved for Barça. A year before, in 1974, Johan Cruijff had also just joined the club. Barcelona, ​​however, still had to lose to Real Madrid. The Royal usually came first, and Barcelona often seconds in La Liga in those years.

FC Barcelona betting

One of the largest football clubs in the world is FC Barcelona (Barça). So it's no surprise that we like to place a bet on the club. Online you can easily place a bet on all FC Barcelona matches. So you don't have to go to a Spanish betting office to place a bet.

What kind of bet can you place on FC Barcelona?

There are several betting shops online where you can find a wide range of bets on FC Barcelona. You can place an outright bet or simply place a bet on one of the club's matches.

An outright bet on FC Barcelona

It is possible to place a so-called outright bet on FC Barcelona. An outright bet is not a bet on just one match. Instead, you place a bet on the result of the season. For example, you can bet at the betting shops that FC Barcelona will win the La Liga in the 2017/2018 season. These types of bets are called Outright bets. You can usually only place these bets before the start of the competition. There are also betting offices where you can place an outright bet during the season.

Bet on FC Barcelona goals

FC Barcelona regularly scores a lot of goals. It, therefore, happens regularly that there are bets on goals in FC Barcelona matches. At the betting shops, you can choose from different bets on goals. For example, you can predict the final score or the number of goals the team will score. You can also bet how many goals will be scored in total in the complete match, not only by FC Barcelona. An attractive bet is to bet that both teams will score. It doesn't matter who will win, but if both teams score, you win the bet. This is the ideal bet if FC Barcelona is going up against another strong team like Real Madrid. You can also bet on an alternative goal which is a variation of standard goal betting. If you bet that FC Barcelona, ​​for example, will score less than 3 goals. You can also say that they score precisely 3 goals or more than 3. If you guess correctly, you always win back your bet. There are also betting shops where you can split your bet. For example, you can bet that FC Barcelona will score more than 2.5 goals. So you win with 3 goals, but also if Barcelona scores more than 3 goals. A bet that carries a little more risk is the prediction bet. With this bet, you actually place 2 chances at the bookmaker. The first bet is where you predict which player will score first. Or which player will score last. In addition to this bet, you expect the exact score. An example is predicting that FC Barcelona will win 2-1 against Real Madrid and Memphis Depay will score the first goal. You can also make a prediction of which player will score and win. This one is slightly less risky than the total match prediction. You then predict that, for example, Messi will score. It doesn't matter if he does this first or last. In addition, you place a bet that FC Barcelona will win. Again, because this bet is less risky, you win a lower amount.